Executive Vice President

Rick’s experience is immense in the broadcast television industry going back to the 1970s.  Rick ushered in many changes in the industry by orchestrating one of the first cash for carriage retransmission consent agreements.

His diverse roles in programming, distribution, operations, and strategy development enabled Rick to usher in many firsts for broadcasters to include the nations first NCAA digital multicast and crafting hundreds of successful retransmission consent agreements with MVPDs.

Rick is an integral part of the breadth and depth of the Strictly Streaming team.

VP of Operations

Chris joined ATV Broadcast in 1994 after attending Indiana University, and has been involved in all aspects of the broadcast-distributor relations consultancy. As Vice President of Operations, he is responsible for a broad range of broadcast client issues including, retransmission consent negotiations with cable, telco, and satellite service providers.

He also serves as the director of compliance for Strictly Streaming clients in the areas of syndex, significant viewing studies, and promotional opportunities for client stations, which has enhanced Strictly Streaming’s value to broadcasters.