Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Intake Form

In preparing the terms of your website or mobile application privacy policy, we require responses to the following questions to ensure the resulting policy satisfies the requirements of any applicable laws or best practices.  Please provide responses under each question. Where applicable, we have provided some sample entries of common responses in red below. If applicable, please provide supporting documentation or links to pages to support your responses to each question.

  1. What personally identifiable information do you collect through your website?

    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Date of Birth
    4. Credit Card Number
    5. Telephone Number
    6. Others
  2. On which website pages do you collect personally identifiable information? Please name them all and include links, if you have them.
    1. User Profile or User Account
    2. Log in Page
    3. Contact Us
    4. Apply for a Job
    5. Others
  3. For what purposes do you collect personally identifiable information? 
  1. Respond to website visitor/user requests
  2. Provide requested services as disclosed on the website or the application
  3. Others


  1. Do you combine or otherwise amend any personally identifiable information collected from the website with other data from other sources (i.e. customer lists, marketing lists, website information) for the company’s internal use? 
  2. How does the website handle the following?
      1. Does the website drop cookies on visitors’ computers?
      2. What types of cookies (persistent/non-persistent or session, essential, tracking, etc.)? See attached sample “Website Cookie Policy” for more information on cookie types.
      3. Do your cookies contain personally identifiable information? If so, are these encrypted?
    1. Web beacons.
    2. Do Not Track Signals. How does the website respond, if at all, to any “do not track” signals from visitors’ web browsers?
    3. Embedded Web links.
    4. Google Analytics/Similar website analytics services.
    5. Credit card information. If you collect such information through the customer website, how is that information secured?
  3. Do you share personally identifiable information with any third parties? If so, which ones and why?
    1. Third-party service providers that support your website operations.
    2. Third-party marketing service providers (ad servers).
    3. Analytics services (i.e. Google Analytics).
  4. Do you sell or rent any personally identifiable information to third parties for the purposes of third-party targeted marketing or advertising? If so, do you provide website visitors or application users the ability to opt out of such use? 
  5. How do you secure personally identifiable information? 
  6. Do you sell or market to children (under 18, or under 13) through the website?


  1. Do you collect personal information from customers that reside outside the United States? If so, in which countries do you have such customers?
  2. To whom should questions about the privacy policy be directed? Provide name or title, email address and toll-free number (one or both).

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